Monday, 2 April 2007

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog, which proudly starts here today from my little corner of South East London on April 2 2007! It's going to be my place for opinion, some personal, some political, and some just downright irreverent. My aim to is to be honest, polemic, controversial, sensitive and literate. I hope that you, dear friends, both real and electronic, will want to contribute and feed into my debates.

There will be an element of serious journalism here when I have the energy and inspiration, as I attempt to interpret this crazy world around us. I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me.

I'm finishing this first posting with a quote from the greatest political orator of our time. I've disagreed with him on many things, but dare I say, he strikes a chord with me sometimes. And I couldn't help but feel an emotional twinge somewhere inside me when I heard this:

"So keep on winning. Do it with optimism. With hope in your hearts. Politics is not a chore.I t's the great adventure of progress. I don't want to be the Labour Leader who won 3 successive elections. I want to be the first Labour Leader to win 3 successive elections. So: it's up to you. You take my advice. You don't take it. Your choice. Whatever you do, I'm always with you. Head and heart. You've given me all I have ever achieved, and all that we've achieved, together, for the country. Next year I won't be making this speech. But, in the years to come, wherever I am, whatever I do.
I'm with you.

Wishing you well.

Wanting you to win.

You're the future now.

Make the most of it".

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