Thursday, 3 January 2008

"Bal-ham, gateway to the south!"

My view isn't so Oval any more. I named this blog after the famous cricket ground of the same name, but since my last post way back in July 2007 I've migrated further south down the Northern line to "Bal-ham - gateway to the south" - as immortalised by Peter Sellers. It all happily conincides with a change in relationship status and a fabulous new home, which is making me very happy. The name will remain, and I will try and post my thoughts, opinions and analysis on here a little more often.

So, 2008:

I need to get more political again! The year has started with dire predictions for the economy and politics in general, if you believe the resurgence of the Tories has any substance to it. Someone's got to fight that social-democratic corner - it's a tough, lonely place sometimes though.

I'd like to be doing something more cultural. When I was at university, I sung, was in book groups and saw more live music! I really must make more effort with those sorts of things.

I'm looking into the possibility of doing some further study, in journalism. If I can combine it with full-time work, then I can look more seriously at doing it properly as a career. But I'm a third of the way through my Level 1 British Sign Language, which is proving a lot of fun! Andy and I seem to get a lot of practice on the way back from the pub, though I'm not sure how much of that is on the curriculum...

Have a very happy, successful and prosperous 2008!

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