Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wake up, America

My reaction to the Virginia shootings was entirely predictable, yet how can the US government be so slow to act after the regularly occurring tragedies of recent years there which now seem to be almost accepted as a way of life?

The US government will no doubt make moves to increase the amount of security on campuses, schools and other educational institutions, at great public cost and increasing the fear factor in what’s already a very jittery country. Getting to the heart of the problem will be another matter altogether There’s a lot to be said against ‘knee-jerk’ government – see under the Dangerous Dogs Act and Sarah’s Law. But in the aftermath of Dunblane – 10 years ago now, the British government acted quickly and properly to ban unnecessary ownership of handguns. I know how important the Second Amendment seems to be to some Americans. Or is it just the National Rifle Association who are particularly noisy about this? But why can’t a government do the right thing by its citizens and protect them from these tragic, violent outrages?

Gun control is such an important issue – and I thought the streets of South London were unsafe. The US really needs to wake up and get a grip on this.

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