Thursday, 19 March 2009

Monday June 28 2004 - To San Francisco

Leaving the first Californian campsite, we head straight to San Francisco, which I have eagerly awaited throughout this trip. San Fran has to be the most attactive, charming, vibrant and beautiful city in the US, with it's small town feel, steep and confined Meditterranean style streets and architecture. We go in through Haight Ashbury, a funny district with vintage clothes, record stores and cafes etc. Then take photographs of the six oldest buildings in San Francisco, which pre-date the Great Fire in the early 20th century.

After checking in at the Laine Hotel in Downtown, we go for the surprise trip Cori has arranged for us. It's a boat trip in the Bay with drinks and buffet, past Alcatraz, underneath the Golden Gate bridge. I get free drinks bought at the bar. After the boat trip, we head back to the hotel, taking dinner at an Indian restaurant next door. Early night tonight, for it will be a long day tomorrow.

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